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UnitedHealthcare’s 2012 Flu Shot Program Offers Variety of Provider Choices

August 29, 2012

Flu season is just around the corner and UnitedHealthcare is offering your clients a variety of options for access to flu shots. Each vendor has been selected based on coverage, service commitment and ability to serve a variety of client needs.

Benefit Coverage

Encourage your clients to ask their employees to review their benefit plan to determine coverage for flu immunizations. Coverage for preventive services, including immunizations, is provided under the standard, fully insured UnitedHealthcare Certificate of Coverage. Many self-funded (ASO) client plans also include coverage for approved flu immunizations. Coverage is dependent upon benefit plan and may include member copayments or deductibles.

Member cost for flu shots is the same for either walk-in vaccine or client-sponsored flu clinics. Member copayments and deductibles may apply.

Marketing Materials

Several fliers are available for use with your clients to promote access to flu shots. A client letter can be used to accompany the fliers should you choose to communicate directly with them.

2012 Member Flu Shot Flier with Vendor Listing
Worksite Wellness Adult Flu Clinic Employer Flier

2012 UnitedHealthcare Flu Shot Providers

The following providers have been approved for UnitedHealthcare’s 2012 Flu Shot Program.

Physician Office Access

UnitedHealthcare members can obtain flu shots through their health care provider’s office. When a member obtains a flu shot through their regular physician, it gives the physician an opportunity to engage the member in other prevention activities (e.g., annual physical). Office copayments and deductibles apply.

Retail Pharmacies

Pharmacists associated with retail pharmacies can administer flu shots. No appointments are necessary. More information on flu vaccine scheduling, including availability by state, can be found in the vendor fliers or at the following retail pharmacy websites:

CVS Pharmacy (

  • More than 7,100 locations providing vaccine on walk-in basis
  • Can support onsite clinics staffed by pharmacists
  • Bills under the medical benefit
  • Employed pharmacists administer the vaccines

Rite-Aid Pharmacy (

  • More than 4,800 locations providing vaccine on walk-in basis
  • Can support onsite clinics staffed by pharmacists
  • Bills under the medical benefit
  • Employed pharmacists administer the vaccines

Target Pharmacy (

  • More than 1,700 locations providing vaccine on walk-in basis
  • Bills under the medical benefit
  • Employed pharmacists administer the vaccines

Walgreens Pharmacy (  

  • More than 7,800 locations providing vaccine on walk-in basis
  • Can support onsite clinics staffed by pharmacists
  • Can bill under the medical or pharmacy benefit
  • Employed pharmacists administer the vaccines

Convenience Care Clinics

Convenience care clinics are typically located in retail stores. They provide a limited range of simple care services, including flu shots, subject to primary care physician office visit copayments. No appointments are necessary. All services/treatments are offered only to patients 18 months of age or older and may vary with each center. More information on flu vaccine scheduling can be found on the following convenience care clinic websites:

Note that there may be instances when a particular location for one of the above centers is not participating in the national UnitedHealthcare network. 

Client Onsite (Worksite) Clinics

Worksite flu vaccination clinics are available to clients through several different onsite vendors. More information about onsite clinics can be found on the following websites:

Mollen Immunization Clinics (

  • Perform client and other mass immunization clinics
  • Can only service Medicaid inArizona
  • Directly employ nurses to support clinics
  • Members can call directly to arrange to get a flu shot

UnitedHealthcare Worksite Wellness

  • Client-sponsored convenient onsite flu shot clinics
  • Available to UnitedHealthcare members and non-members
  • Requires minimum of 50 participants and 60-day lead-time for scheduling
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Integration capability with other Worksite Wellness programs (e.g., Know Your Numbers, onsite health coaching and health impact stations)

If you have questions about the 2012 flu shot program, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

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