Health Productivity

Care Management and Decision Support

Personal Health Support 2.0

Personal Health Support 2.0 is a proactive care management solution designed to improve employee health and drive down benefit costs.  It addresses 50+ conditions and provides outreach to 100% of the members in an employer’s population who have identified gaps in care. Available to groups 750+ ASO only.

Standard Care Coordination

Standard Care Coordination (SCC) provides members who are facing a health situation with much needed support through health care professionals, clinical programs and information. Standard Care Coordination encourages wise health care decisions by providing employees with expert advice and clinical resources.

Emergency Room Decision Support

The ER Decision Support program targets members before they become frequent ER users and it addresses underlying reasons members use the ER inappropriately, such as lack of knowledge of appropriate resources, including a Primary Care Physician (PCP). Available to groups 750+ ASO only.

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Disease & Complex Condition Management

Cancer Support Program

Cancer Support Program is a comprehensive, integrated single source to help manage cancer-related costs and to help improve the quality of care and quality of life for your employees and their dependents. Available for groups 3,000+ ASO only.

Congenital Heart Disease Resource Services

Congenital Heart Disease Resource Services allows access to the nation’s top Congenital Heart Disease centers and provides extensive information to patients to assist them in selecting a center for their care.

Kidney Resource Services

The Kidney Resource Services Program provides information to educate and guide members to top performing dialysis clinics and reduce End Stage Renal Disease (the final stage of Chronic Kidney Disease) -related medical expenses.  The program provides a comprehensive set of services through a team of specialized nurses who help patients make informed treatment decisions and improve their health care experiences.

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Wellness Management

Healthy Weight Program

The Healthy Weight Program is a comprehensive weight management solution designed to address members of all stages of wellness, from prevention of weight gain, to those already living with obesity.  The focus of the program is weight loss through lifestyle change, facilitated by our expert coaches who specialize in helping members achieve lasting behavior change. Available to groups 750+ ASO only.

Health Discount Program

The Health Discount Program offers enrollees and their families the ability to access a variety of Health and Wellness services not traditionally covered by their medical benefit at typical discounts of 10 to 25 percent.

Incentive Programs

Consumer Engagement/Activation

Network Extensions

Women's Reproductive Health

Behavioral Health

Physical Health