Health Productivity

Wellness Management

Real Appeal Program

Real Appeal takes an evidence-based approach to support weight loss. The program helps people make small changes necessary for larger long-term health results, based on weight-loss research studies commissioned by the National Institutes of Health.


QuitPower is our tobacco cessation program. QuitPower provides members with an effective means to quit tobacco and improve their health care through a personalized program, a dedicated wellness coach and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) if needed. The program focuses on specific measurable and attainable goals, such as establishing a quit date and avoiding triggers that lead to tobacco use. Available for groups 750+ ASO only.

Healthy Weight Program

The Healthy Weight Program is a comprehensive weight management solution designed to address members of all stages of wellness, from prevention of weight gain, to those already living with obesity.  The focus of the program is weight loss through lifestyle change, facilitated by our expert coaches who specialize in helping members achieve lasting behavior change. Available to groups 750+ ASO only.

Health Discount Program

The Health Discount Program offers enrollees and their families the ability to access a variety of Health and Wellness services not traditionally covered by their medical benefit at typical discounts of 10 to 25 percent.

Healthy Back Program

The Healthy Back Program targets members with low back pain, the largest musculoskeletal health care cost category. It can help deliver substantial savings by improving self-care and care-seeking patterns for individuals with recurring and chronic back conditions. Available for groups 750+ ASO only.

Standard Wellness Coaching

Standard Wellness Coaching is a lifestyle program that supports and reinforces changes to help improve weight, stress management, exercise, nutrition, tobacco cessation, heart health and diabetes. The objectives of Standard Wellness Coaching are to help members identify behaviors that need to be changed, set personalized goals and focus on correction of those behaviors. Available for groups 750+ ASO only.

Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness is a suite of worksite wellness solutions that may help employers decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, improve morale, improve employee retention and reduce employee health care expenditures over the long term by providing health services to members at the worksite or in their homes. Available for ASO only groups.