Retiree Solutions

Whether your clients are small or large organizations, our retiree products and services can help  them gain control of their health care costs, provide quality coverage for their retirees, and more easily manage their benefits - today and in the future.

Retiree Solutions

Group Senior Supplement Plans

Your clients can enhance Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A & B) plan benefits with UnitedHealthcare's Senior Supplement plan - created just for group-sponsored retirees.

Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO Plans

Offer your clients with Medicare-eligible retirees medical and prescription drug coverage all in one plan with our line of Medicare Advantage plans.

AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare supplement insurance plans are plans sold by private insurance companies to help limit the out-of-pocket costs associated with Medicare Parts A and B. These plans are designed to help pay for some or all of the costs that Original Medicare does not pay, such as coinsurance and deductibles.