Pharmacy Benefits

OptumRx provides full service pharmacy management solutions for UniteHealthcare’s commercial business. With over 30 years of experience, we help keep health care more affordable for everyone – by helping our clients manage total drug spend and by impacting total health care spend through our suite of pharmacy cost management offerings, including our ability to synchronize benefits and guide better member decisions.

As the most widely used health care benefit, one decision can change basic outcomes.

Whether it is helping a member choose the right medication, guiding them to the best place to fill their prescriptions, or supporting them in their overall health care experience, OptumRx can help clients design the most optimal benefit to put members on a path toward health ownership and ultimately, better outcomes and increased savings.

Clinical Synchronization

Simplifying the member experience, finding new ways to engage, and encouraging better choices through: ONE Experience, ONE System, ONE Care Team.

Specialty Pharmacy

We look beyond drug cost when helping to manage complex conditions.
Starting with a world-class pharmacy, OptumRx manages total health care value by developing programs that impact outcomes across both the pharmacy and medical benefits. Focused on controlling costs and coordinating care, our efforts provide a comprehensive approach that leads to greater cost savings for clients and a better experience for members.

Total Cost Management

We aim for the best health and cost outcomes, across the medical and pharmacy benefits.  Total cost management is our goal, and everything we do at OptumRx is focused on two things – keeping your employees healthy and lowering total health care costs.

Prescription Drug List

Our Prescription Drug List (PDL) organizes all brand and generic prescription drugs into tiers based on Total Cost Management.

Member Engagement

We understand that health care can be complicated, especially as people are becoming more involved in decisions related to their care and benefits. At OptumRx, our members are surrounded with personalized tools and 24/7 support to empower them to make better choices and live healthier lives.

Mail Service Pharmacy

Many members regularly take medication to help control or reduce symptoms of chronic disease and health conditions. A large portion of drug spend is attributed to maintenance medications. That’s why it is important to take advantage of a powerful solution – the OptumRx® Mail Service Pharmacy.