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Rally Health and Wellness Enhancements

January 10, 2017

UnitedHealthcare is pleased to offer Rally® a fun, interactive health and wellness experience for members to manage their health available on®.  Rally is designed to make it easy to understand healthy behaviors and take needed steps to live a healthier life. By harnessing the power of data, social connections and rewards, users receive personal lifestyle action plans that focus on goals, competition, progress tracking and healthy living.

Rally offers a personalized interactive experience:

  • Challenges and Communities
  • Lifestyle action plans (Missions) and rewards (complete certain activities within Rally to earn coins, which can be used to win great prizes)
  • Intuitive Health Survey (benchmarks activity level and health status)

We have recently introduced new enhancements to the Rally Health and Wellness experience that are designed to help give users a better picture of their overall health and guide them to make better decisions about their care.

Rally enhancements include:

Dashboard: The overall look and feel of the dashboard has changed. It now displays incentives (if applicable), coin activity, recommendations, in-process activities, campaigns, articles and recent community activity. These updates help present users with content in a more logical manner, giving them the content they need and want up front.*

Sample Dashboard
*Note any customized configurations may directly impact how the dashboard will appear.

Health Profile: The content on the Profile tab is generated by responses to the Health Survey, input from any Health Assessment a user may have provided and any goals a user may have configured. The Profile tab will include five sections:

  1. Rally AgeSM and Goals: Indicates whether a user’s Rally Age is above or below their actual age. The goals the user selected also appear. Up to three goals can be displayed in this area. The tab also includes a button that a user can click to retake their health survey.
  2. User Lifestyle: Breaks down seven risk factors (nutrition, exercise, smoking and nicotine, stress, sleep, mood and alcohol). Each risk factor row contains information about the user’s acuity with respect to the risk. Indicators that impact the user are shaded in red (most noncompliant), yellow (borderline compliant), or green (compliant). If the user does not have risks (for example, a user have never smoked), he or she will not see the red/yellow/green scale.
  3. User Numbers: Contains information on four biometric categories (body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol [LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol], blood sugar [fasting and A1c]). Each biometric entry includes a dynamic biometric value on a bar that indicates the user’s acuity level (red/yellow/green).
  4. User Health Conditions: Based on the data provided from a Health Assessment or the user’s response to the Health Survey, seven health conditions (diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension, high cholesterol/dyslipidemia, arthritis or joint pain, back pain, pregnant) may appear in this area.
  5. Other Factors: Contains information about five factors (age, biological sex, long-term unemployment status, long-term committed relationship status, primary care physician) if a user has provided information about them. These factors are also considered when calculating a user’s Rally Age.

Rally engages members by inviting them to join an online challenge, share their accomplishments, or join a competition. Members decide how they want to connect with other individuals with common interests. Rally is available online via a computer, smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the Rally tools work with wearables like Fitbit® and Jawbone®.

For more information on the Rally Health and Wellness experience, contact your UnitedHealthcare representative or visit