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UnitedHealth Group’s Plan for a Modern, High-Performing, Simpler Health Care System

February 7, 2017

UnitedHealth Group is actively engaged and advocating with policymakers to create a modern, high-performing, simpler health care system to provide accessible, affordable, high-quality health care for everyone. Policy recommendations include advancing proven, sustainable coverage solutions; reducing the complexity and costs that challenge the consumer experience today; and enabling and incentivizing innovative solutions to ensure a 21st century health care system.

The policies focus on four main areas:

In addition, UnitedHealth Group has also released a new set of health care reform solutions in a document titled - A Path Forward. This new policy proposal document highlights a set of actionable solutions to advance State-based Health Care Markets, stabilize health care coverage dynamics and improve affordability. A Path Forward aligns with our broader and more comprehensive set of health care modernization solutions within - A Modern, High-Performing, Simpler Health Care System.

For more information about our ideas and health reform efforts in 2017 and beyond, visit UnitedHealth Group's Center for Health Reform & Modernization Website.