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Optum Webinar Playback: A Coordinated Approach to Employee Health

April 4, 2017

Listen to the on-demand webinar playback to learn how UnitedHealthcare, in combination with OptumRx® synchronization, are using data and technology to better support employees and their families, improving health care and lowering costs.

Getting to the Heart of Health Care
Pharmaceutical spending accounts for a significant portion of health care spending. It also dramatically affects all other health care costs. When patients don't take medications as prescribed, or don't understand a doctor's treatment plan, conditions go unmanaged.

We use data and technology to engage employees in holistic health care. We help members get the appropriate:

• Provider
• Care
• Medications
• Lifestyle Management Services
• Lower Total Health Care Costs

This webinar playback includes case studies and insights into the future of pharmacy care services.

Doreen Bortel
Senior Vice President, Employer Solutions Optum

Brian Laird
OptumRx/BriovaRx, VP, Specialty Programs and Services