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Achieving a Culture of Health with Rally on

September 12, 2017

Rising health care costs have employers making a culture of health a top priority at their workplace. A culture of health is defined as “a work environment where employees have the resources, tools and a support system that empowers and motivates them to take responsibility for their own health.”1

Rally® on® helps support a culture of health by leveraging new and emerging digital health and wellness technology. Rally offers exciting online tools, games, apps and rewards to engage users in helping manage their health and bridging the gap between an individual’s desire to get healthier and having the tools to help them do it. Rally focuses on keeping people connected and keeping the experience relevant through:

  • Social networking – creating online support communities to bring people together with common interests.
  • Wearable device integration – including Fitbit®, Jawbone® and BodyMedia®.
  • Gamification – rewarding engagement and goal setting by earning Rally Coins and employer-provided incentives.
  • Recommendations – including personalized health programs, engagement emails and campaigns.

The result is a personalized lifestyle plan supported by ongoing communications that can help lead to improved health outcomes.

Rally is Highly Integrated
The more an individual uses Rally and records, the more the experience is personalized and the site becomes more relevant.

  • Integration of data: claims data or metrics collected through a Worksite Wellness biometric screening pre-populates the Health Survey and Personal Health Record.
  • Integration with wellness and clinical programs: self-tracking and progress by users is available to their UnitedHealthcare nurse or coach allowing for encouragement and feedback*
  • Incentive interface: users can track their earned and potential rewards of employer-offered incentive programs.
  • Program integration: Health Survey results help drive program referrals and action plan completion.
  • Program referrals: provide recommendations to programs that the user has access to and that could help them achieve their goals. This is being piloted in 2017 with potential full-scale deployment in 2018.

*If user has access to wellness or clinical programs.

Rally Creates Experiences Tailored to Individual Goals
Rally creates and facilitates integrated experiences that helps enable users to focus on their highest-priority health goals.

  • Health Survey and Rally Age – users start with the Health Survey to determine their Rally Age.
  • Missions – users choose simple activities, called Missions, to help them achieve their health goals.
  • Challenges – help drive engagement and get users excited about Rally.
  • Communities – many topics bring users together with common interests or profiles.
  • Personal Health Record – one place to store a user’s personal health information.
  • Dashboard – check in on Missions and get access to Challenges, rewards and communities.

Proven Results Demonstrate How Rally Helps Motivate a Culture of Health

  • 95 percent of Rally users complete a Health Survey.2
  • 57 percent of enrollees sign up for Missions. 2
  • 70 percent complete 2+ logins. 2
  • 4.5 App Rating on IOS® and Android™.2

For more information on Rally or other UnitedHealthcare rewards programs, contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

1Achieving a culture of health in the workplace, Optum White Paper, 2015.  Accessed Aug. 9, 2017.
2Book-of-business results through July 2016