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Real-Time Access to Patient-Specific Pharmacy Benefit Information with Script Connect

October 10, 2017

Benefit uncertainties can not only waste physicians’ time but may lead to potentially higher-price prescriptions and delays for patients – both key factors in medication nonadherence. Physicians are often in the dark at the point of prescribing, as they don’t have access to patient-specific pharmacy benefit information or drug costs and navigating Prior Authorization processes can be challenging. With more than four billion prescriptions filled in the United States in 2016, physicians are facing mounting patient demands on their full schedules and they have limited time to sift through prescription drug lists to prescribe the best, lowest-cost covered medications.1

Script Connect Helps Deliver Clarity and Transparency for Better Outcomes
Script Connect (also known as PreCheck MyScript for providers) is a new tool that provides prescription clarity up front by giving physicians access to patient-specific prescription drug list and cost information, Prior Authorization requirements, and lower-cost alternatives. These real-time details help improve patients’ experience and health by:

  • Enabling more constructive conversations with their physician
  • Providing information, comfort and power they need to make good pharmacy decisions
  • Saving physicians the time from sorting through prescription drug lists and Prior Authorization processes, giving them more time to spend with their patients
  • Minimizing prescription delays, unnecessary higher-cost medications, and other barriers that lead to medication nonadherence

There are two ways that physicians can access Script Connect:

  • Link Dashboard (Integrated with Medical Apps – Application Name on Link is called PreCheck MyScript)
  • Integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) (The Script Connect technology is embedded into the EMR and is a seamless experience for the provider).

By connecting pharmacy data to the tools that physicians use every day, Script Connect assists the physician with pharmacy-related functions, providing real-time data and information. And in the future, the technology will include clinical alerts to inform physicians of additional opportunities to further help support the best patient care. The results: transparent drug prices, timely prescriptions, less administrative waste, and most important, better patient care.

For more information on Script Connect, view our brochure and video. Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative with any questions.

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