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UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance and Evacuation Resources Help Save Lives Around the World

November 7, 2017

The September edition of Consultant Connection described the extensive medical, safety and security solutions resources for multinational employers and globally mobile employees available through UnitedHealthcare Global. Many of these resources were instrumental in helping thousands of people during the 2017 tropical storm season, including the highly destructive Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, which occurred in rapid succession.

UnitedHealthcare Global took preventive measures, monitoring projected storm paths, anticipating areas likely to suffer severe effects, and pre-emptively evacuating more than 1,000 people prior to these severe storms. We evacuated hundreds more after the storms, from locations including St. Martin’s, St. Kitts, and Puerto Rico. We also dedicated additional staff for monitoring, assistance and crisis management prior to, during and after each of the major weather events, to help protect and assist members potentially impacted by the destructive effects of the storms.

Charlie LeBlanc, UnitedHealthcare Global Vice President of Risk and Client Management, observed, “The continual readiness of our Global Risk team was instrumental in helping save lives during one of the most devastating tropical storm seasons in history. Our skilled team is available around the clock to help provide guidance regarding airport and flight intelligence, coordinating safe transportation, and facilitating medical care. We also serve as a resource for employers, providing continuously updated intelligence and facilitating communications with employees in affected areas. An important component of our readiness that is not necessarily visible is our extensive business continuity planning, which enables us to provide vital services under the most extreme conditions. We work hard to answer each member call during a crisis due to the effects of weather or natural disaster – we’re here to help, no matter how severe the crises.”

UnitedHealthcare Global can help employers and their employees prepare for routine and extreme situations they may face while on international assignment through a multi-faceted approach including:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response Center
  • Global monitoring and intelligence
  • Extensive medical, security and evacuation global networks
  • Technology tools, including our Intelligence Center for members, travel tracking to help employers locate their employees, and emergency notifications.

Learn more at or contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.