UnitedHealthcare Tiered Benefits

July 11, 2017

Tiered Benefit Plans are built on UnitedHealthcare Choice and Choice Plus plans but include additional features that can help both members and employers save money. By seeking care from certain network providers, Tiered Benefit plan members can get an even higher level of care and in-network benefits.

Like Choice and Choice Plus, Tiered Benefit plans are open-access plans where members have the freedom to choose from any health care professional in the UnitedHealthcare network, including specialists, without a referral or choosing a primary care physician. Some Tiered Benefit Plans provide access to both network and non-network providers, so members can seek care from any provider they choose, but at a lower co-insurance/deductible level for network providers.

Members can get better coverage when using:

  • Network providers
  • Tier 1 providers (this may include Premium Care Physicians)
  • Freestanding facilities instead of hospitals*
  • Lower cost Tier 1 hospitals instead of Network or out-of-network hospitals*

With UnitedHealthcare Tiered Benefit Plans, employers have even more ways to encourage members to choose the highest quality and most cost-efficient providers, resulting in better member health and higher cost savings for both employers and members.

* Not available in all States. Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative for more information.